From history to the future

In 1915, the young mechanic Palle Hoff Wodschow founded the company that was to become world famous for being ‘Strong as a BEAR’. It is about food mixers – and only food mixers. Wodschow & Co. is today one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of mixers for professionals. Thanks to innovative product development, solid craftsmanship and professional pride, combined with modern production technology, the Danish company supplies machines of solid quality to bakeries and kitchens of every type throughout the world.


In 1920, when Palle Hoff Wodschow developed his first mixers, they were 3-gear and 4-gear models, where the mixer tools rotated in the bowl in a unique way, like planets around a star – a principle that is still in use, as it is the best way of processing of the bowl’s contents. The company was awarded two gold medals for its products as early as 1925.


In 1954, Wodschow & Co. was able to introduce the first mixer with variable speed control. At the same time the company presented a solution that allowed the bowl to be simultaneously held secure and raised and lowered with the same movement.


The BEAR range of mixers has evolved to comprise bowl sizes of 5 to 200 litres, and up until 1969 all machines were made from cast iron. After that, new technology made it possible to produce the machines from sheet steel, benefiting both weight and economy; and stainless steel meant they could be used on land and at sea.



The 1990s saw the electronic revolution gather momentum, and new more user-friendly functions saw the light of day. The end result is the mixers we know today, where easy-to-clean operating panels have replaced mechanical buttons and newly developed safety guards are at the cutting edge of international requirements and regulations for the working environment.


It is precisely the focus on the working environment and ergonomics that has led to the development of a whole series of ERGO mixers, where changeover of mixing tool and bowl is performed at the correct working height.


In recent years, frequency-controlled motors have opened up new possibilities for advanced speed control, and the demand for a professional table model has been met with the launch of TEDDY® – a powerful 5-litre mixer of elegant design.


The latest addition to the family is KODIAK®, which has been developed and designed on the basis of in-depth work studies in kitchens and bakeries, in close partnership with users. The result is without a doubt the market’s most user-friendly and well-conceived mixer.


The foundation for the strong position Wodschow & Co. enjoys on the market are those values on which Palle Hoff Wodschow built his business way back in 1915.


Reliability. Responsibility. Honesty.


Words like these may ring hollow in the modern world, were it not for the fact that throughout our existence our customers have found that they are indeed based on reality.


And we can add yet another value, as our history demonstrates: Cutting-edge development.


This is why Wodschow & Co. is ‘Strong as a BEAR’. In the future too