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TEDDY™ 5 l

The ultra-modern mixer, perfect for those small, everyday jobs in the kitchen, bakery or laboratory.


With dual variable speed control and incredibly user-friendly operation of dough hook, whip and beater.


The dough hook, whip, beater, bowl and safety guard are all made of stainless steel. Available in a choice of four different colours.




Teddy Red Teddy White Teddy Black Teddy Gray

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  • Won’t run out of steam
  • Variable speed system
  • Focus on ergonomics
  • Quick and simple cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A very special hook
  • Ready for other functions
  • All aboard!

Capacity Chart TEDDY 5L Tool
Egg white 0.7 L whip
Whipped cream 1.5 L whip
Mayonnaise 4.4 L whip
Herb butter 1.7 kg beater
Mashed potatoes 2.5 kg whip
Bread dough (60%AR) 2.5 kg hook
Ciabatta dough (70%AR) 3 kg hook
Muffins 2.5 kg beater
Layer cake base 1 kg whip
Meatball mix 3 kg beater
Icing 2.9 kg beater
Doughnut (50%AR) 2.5 kg hook