Highly advanced industrial mixer with stainless steel frame, VL-4 control panel, IP53 protection, automatic bowl lowering, 20 Remix programs and removable plastic safety guard.
Supplied with a 200 L bowl along with a center double reinforced whip - all in stainless steel as well as beater and wing whip in stainless steel.
The tools are reinforced with double pin which locks in the bayonet with double groove.


The horizontally removable safety guard is dishwasher safe.
The design of the AR200 is logical and simple, with fewer moving wear parts and tried-and-tested, reliable technology.
With the optional extras removable stainless steel closed dust guard and watertight planetary head in stainless steel, the AR200 can adapt to requirements of any customer.
With an AR200, you are assured of a stable, reliable mixer which, with great flexibility, clarity of design and a cleaning-friendly surface, assures your company of a profitable investment and will equip your employees with a user-friendly machine for many years to come.

Used extensively in industrial production units, catering industry, bakeries and in the fast food industry



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  • Digital timer - NEW
  • New industrial control panel
  • Unique bowl clamping system
  • Waterproof mixer head as an option
  • Powerful, quiet motor
  • Automatic bowl lift
  • Variable speed system
  • Special accessories for industrial production
  • Effective scraper
  • No risk of oil spills
  • Accessories for greater flexibility
  • Large selection of safety guards
  • Quick and simple cleaning

Capacity Chart AR200 Tool
Egg white 27 L whip
Whipped cream 120 L whip
Mayonnaise 160 L whip
Herb butter 120 kg beater
Mashed potatoes 110 kg whip
Bread dough (50%AR) - -
Bread dough (60%AR) - -
Ciabatta dough (70%AR) - -
Muffins 100 kg beater
Layer cake base 50 kg whip
Meatball mix 120 kg beater
Icing 115 kg beater
Doughnut (50%AR) - -

Control Panels



Safety Guards
Watertight planetary head


Ring-gas burner
Bowl truck
Bowl Lifts
Tool Rack